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Celebrating three years of WHICH? Trusted Trader Membership!


Celebrating three years of WHICH? Trusted Trader Membership!

Roofcare Yorkshire Limited are proud to announce that we have been an accredited member of this prestigious “Consumer Champion” for a full three years!

The WHICH? Trusted Trader accreditation process is extremely tough to comply with and only the very best companies get endorsed, a bit like trying to join the SAS! Those that don’t make the grade don’t get endorsed, its as simple as that!

The vetting process is the most demanding of all the major trade bodies that regulate the building/construction sector. Companies are subject to a vigorous, stress testing analysis, to ensure that consumer satisfaction is paramount to the business.                                                                                                              These include: A credit Report to validate the company’s financial health.                                                                 

A thorough examination of business and administrative procedures to ensure that the business has consumer interests in mind. A face to face visit carried out by a WHICH? Trading Standards Professional to fully understand all aspects of how the applicant runs their business. To contact a random selection of customers from a trader’s most recent work to check references.

Applicants then receive a comprehensive report of their assessment, providing valuable feedback from experienced assessors to ensure that they meet the very high standards needed to join the scheme.

Craig Fenton, Managing Director of Roofcare Yorkshire Ltd, has this to say;  Achieving the WHICH? Trusted Trader endorsement was a natural step for our business as we were already meeting the qualifying criteria but without the recognition. Let’s face it, the building trade as a whole has not always enjoyed the best reputation when it comes to customer confidence, especially with programmes like Rogue Traders on our TV screens highlighting the pitfalls of choosing someone undesirable to work on your property. Cowboys and tricksters give everyone a bad name and consumers have a hard time sorting out the good from the bad! That’s why this endorsement is so important to us. Rest assured we will be doing our utmost to continue being a consumer champion long into the future and giving homeowners the service and value for money satisfaction that they deserve.”

The WHICH? Trusted Trader reviews of a business are the most thoroughly vetted in the industry, and cannot be manipulated by companies creating their own favourable reviews and posting them on other, less scrutable, websites or on social media.

Be assured, that all reviews on WHICH? Trusted Traders are genuine. Their own reputation is built on this as the most recognised Consumer Champion that looks after all of our interests by their in-depth analysis of products and services offered in the UK.

WHICH? Takes the guesswork out of which?


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