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Should I replace my old guttering?

6 signs that it might be time to replace your old gutters

Apart from bringing down the overall look of your home, old gutters that aren’t functioning properly can be the cause of some serious problems around the house. Gutters that are rusty, cracked, perished or have defective seals are compromised and won’t be able to perform their important job of channelling water away from the roof efficiently.

However, a lot of us don’t know how old our gutters are. And it’s not always easy to spot a gutter that is past it’s used by date – unless you know what you are looking for.

So, what are the tell-tale signs that your gutters need replacing?

Inefficient drainage

The first and most obvious sign is that your gutters can’t handle a downpour. Water may be dripping from lots of different places within the guttering network, gushing through like a waterfall on to landscaping below or worryingly, running on to the house itself. Blockages are the main causes of overspill. Leaves, moss and other detritus block the gutters and downpipes, effectively damming the system until it overflows.

A gutter that isn’t funnelling and draining water away from the home is pointless and needs to be checked, cleared if blocked, or replaced if found to be defective.

Water damage

Watermarking and staining on internal ceilings and walls are big signs that the gutters are failing and need urgent attention. It’s also important to check the external walls. Looks for signs of erosion to brickwork, water staining or continual wetness that is noticeable after the rain. If you see any water damage around the gutter area, then you gutter needs to be looked at immediately by a roofing professional.

Mould and mildew

If your gutters aren’t draining properly then water can begin to pool. This can lead to moisture seeping into your home and inviting mould and mildew to grow. Check both the internal and external walls as well as the lower levels of your home. This is a clear sign your gutter system isn’t working as it should.

Bubbling or peeling paintwork

Now this isn’t necessarily a sign of an ineffectual gutter system, but the location of the bubbling or peeling paint is. If it’s occurring under your gutters and in localised sections, then you most likely have a gutter that needs replacing.

Separated at the seams

Worn out gutters that have weathered many storms can literally start to come apart at the seams (where two sections of gutter meet). Joints and seals are the weakest part of a gutter system and most water damage occurs around these areas. Wooden gutters are prone to rot unless maintained yearly.

Sagging gutters and missing brackets.

If you’ve noticed that your gutter is beginning to sag in places and not sit firmly and flush to the roof, then this means the overall system is weakening and won’t be able to handle future heavy downpours. The gutter should be supported along its length and fall slightly towards the downpipes. Brackets can become detached and allow flowback in the gutter, this will cause water to spill over the sides.

If you’ve noticed any of these signs and symptoms of old gutters around your place, then it’s likely you need to call a roofing expert for help.

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